Some Christening Presents For a Baby Boy

Babies are like little angels. With their adorable gestures and babbling, they melt your heart within seconds. Thus, when searching Christening presents for them, don’t just pick the first one you come across. Take time out from your busy schedule to select a perfect gift for them. If you are searching for baby boy gifts, you will find several items available. But, when choosing a gift, try to select the one which is unique so that it does not match with others. We all know, its a bummer if your gift matches with someone else. Thus, here are some items which you can give him on his special day.

Christening ceremony is a very important occasion in a baby’s life as it is the day when he is welcomed into our world. Thus, your Christening presents should be able to convey this message. Among the various items available, personalised ones are very popular gifts for this occasion. This is because, in these items, you can inscribe some personal message to the newborn. You can also engrave his date of birth, time of birth, day of birth and son on. Thus, these baby boy gifts will also serve as wonderful items to commemorate this special day. From photo frames to mugs to blankets, you can personalize any item.

Traditionally, blue colored items are given to baby boys. This is one of the reasons, why, maximum baby boy gifts are blue in color. If you want to give him something which he will cherish even when he grows up, you can gift him keepsake items. One of the most popular is, ‘the first piggy bank’ along with tooth and curl box. These items are blue in color and will be definitely please the parents of the newborn. In the tooth box, the first tooth of the baby is stored. Thus, these items will be ideal Christening presents for a baby boy.

Apart from these, you can also give him jewelry as Christening presents. Some items which you can give him are a simple locket, rings, bangles, etc. If you are the god parent of the newborn, traditionally, you have to gift him silver items. But, there is no hard and fast rule that you have to follow this tradition. With the availability of several items, you can give him anything under the sun which you feel suitable. If you are planning to give clothes as baby boy gifts, make sure that the material is soft. This is a very important point to note because babies have very sensitive skin. If the material is rough, it may harm their soft skin.

Apart from these Christening presents, you can give him essential items like diapers, baby foods, etc. But, don’t just give these items. Wrap them up nicely in an attractive wrapping paper. Giving just diapers as gifts may not seem appropriate. Thus, create a diaper cake out of it. Among the various baby boy gifts, this is gaining huge popularity among gift-givers. If you are planning to give the baby necessary items like baby shampoo, lotions, etc, include them in a gift basket. This will give a very attractive look to your gift.

You Can’t See Their Eyes Roll: The Challenges With Presenting In A Virtual Environment

When you are presenting in person, you can constantly monitor your audience for engagement. Are they with me? Do they disagree with the plan I am presenting? Do they understand what I am talking about? If you see someone open their laptop and start checking email, you can call on them to participate or move closer to them to pull them back in, but what happens when your audience is on the phone? You don’t see them sleeping. You can’t see them working on another project and you definitely can’t see their eyes roll.

Another challenge in a virtual meeting is making sure everyone is participating. You typically have a few dominant people who take over while the quiet ones on the team sit back and endure another “waste-of-time-meeting.” There are a few things you can do to ensure your meetings and presentations are more effective when you can’t see the faces of your audience.

1. If your attendee list is less than 25, draw an imaginary conference table on a white board or piece of paper at your desk. Now write everyone’s name as if they were sitting around the table. (Yes, I know, you can just print out a list of everyone that is in attendance, but if you are a visual person the table works better.)

2. Now as you begin your meeting, you put a tick mark next to the name of the person speaking–even if it is your own name. Within a few moments, you will SEE who has checked out and who is talking too much.

3. Now simply say to the chatty-Cathy’s on the call, “That’s a great point, AND since we haven’t heard from Bob, I would really like to get his input. Bob, how do you feel we should proceed in this next step?”

4. During a virtual presentation you need lots of interaction. Lots of Q&A time. The challenge is when you ask a question and then call on someone, (i.e. So what happened on this last week…Bob?) you catch them off guard. You and I both know that Bob was reading the latest Dave Barry book so he did not hear your question. This is why Bob would quickly dive for his mute button and then ask you to repeat the question. WASTE OF TIME! Instead, call on Bob first and then ask the question. “Bob, what was it that happened on this last week?” BETTER!

5. On conference calls, use lots of colorful picture words to keep people engaged. “The five of us are in a run-down single-engine bucket of bolts at 28,000 feet and now we’ve got to work together to build a parachute or none of us will survive.” This is much more intriguing than “We’ve got a deadline and we’ve got to work together.” When you engage the brain, the rest of the body will stay with you. Try this, “I want you to imagine standing in front of our biggest customer, Katherine. You are starting to sweat…” This technique gets people to go where ever you tell them to and they are listening. “I want you to picture the top of a mountain…”

Remember that when you can’t see the faces of those in your audience, you will have to put a little more effort and creativity into your presentations to keep your audience engaged, but it is worth it. If they ARE rolling their eyes it will be because they are in awe of your SIZZLING presentation style!

Quality Presentation Ensures Law of Attraction

These days, it seems as though grammar, spelling and punctuation have gone the way of the 250 KB computer. With chat and text messaging, there’s hardly a need… right? Wrong!

As business people, it is imperative that you check and double-check ANYTHING you send out to promote your business. I can understand if you are doing a quick chat or text message with a friend. That’s private.

But in business, it’s all about credibility. You may be very good at what you do and you always want to put your best presentation forward. If you don’t take the time to present yourself well, you may leave doubt in the mind of a potential client.

Would you choose to do business with the limo that has a dent in the side and a few scratches? Or the shiny, new-looking one?

If you are looking for a surgeon, would you choose the one who wears an old plaid hunting shirt and dungarees with holes in the knees and has an office with beat-up furniture from the 1960′s? Or one who has clean office with modern furniture, wears dress slacks, a dress shirt and a white coat?

It is no different with your marketing pieces.

A poorly written email could cause the reader to hit the delete key before they are finished. A poorly written sales letter, or brochure, are certainly destined for the trash bin. And, let’s face it, no one has time for a poorly written website.

You can talk about the Law of Attraction all day long, say affirmations, meditate, etc, but if you are not presenting yourself in line with what you want to attract, it’s a bust.

If the technical side of writing is difficult for you, what can you do? It’s all well and good to find a friend to look over your latest writing, and if they are an exceptional writer, that may be sufficient. Otherwise you want to hire a professional editor.

An editor will go through your writing and make sure that you are getting your message across to your audience. They will check your grammar, punctuation and spelling to be sure everything is correct.

With a small item, it won’t cost you much, but will enhance your presentation and probably increase your response rate over time. If you are sending out frequent emails or marketing pieces, you may want to keep an editor on retainer. In other words, you pay them, up front, x amount of dollars for x amount of hours of work. That way they are available when you need them.

The little money you spend will be well worth it. You can feel confident that you are presenting your business, and yourself, in the best light possible and are attracting the quality clientele your seek for your business.