Shoppers Should ‘Dig Around’ To Find Fab Festive Presents

Festive food is to be the most popular purchase this Christmas, according to a new set of figures.

In research carried out by PayPal, just under three-quarters (71 per cent) of consumers are set to get a food-related item as a gift to give to someone. Meanwhile, 65 per cent of people are due to buy either wine or spirits. Research from the firm also showed that 70 per cent will pick up CDs or DVDs for present purposes, with 64 per cent getting clothes. Books and sports equipment are to account for 63 and 11 per cent of consumers’ expenditure respectively. Some 40 per cent, meanwhile, are to buy electrical goods, the purchase of which could be funded via a cheap secured loan.

The study also indicated that the amount of money spent on Christmas presents this year is to be approximately half of that splashed out in 2005. According to PayPal, consumers are due to spend an average of 154 pounds on gifts during the upcoming festive period. Two years ago, this figure stood at 310 pounds. Findings from the company also showed that men are set to have the highest expenditure out of the two sexes this year, as they will spend 169 pounds. In comparison, women are to splash out 142 pounds. For both males and females, applying for a personal loan could be a helpful way in which to fund festive expenditure.

Commenting on the figures, Cristina Hoole, shopping expert for PayPal, said: “The majority of us really look forward to Christmas because of the unexpected presents we’re all keen to receive. Shopping is part and parcel of Christmas and putting a smile on someone’s face with a fab present, usually the pick-me-up we all need and like at the end of a tough year. However, from the PayPal findings, this year will be a booze-filled, stomach-satisfying affair.

“There are plenty of bargains to be had by shopping online compared to the high street. If you’re prepared to do some digging around on the internet you’ll find fantastic and original ideas to ensure you deliver the most creative presents without breaking the bank this Christmas.”

While shopping over the internet to purchase Christmas presents, those looking for a competitive way in which to manage their money may also wish to take the time to apply for an online loan. And taking out a personal loan via the web could be advisable for a rising number of consumers after a recent study by Mintel showed that about one in ten Britons will shop over the internet to get the majority of their gifts, with 38 per cent buying some presents online. Overall, it was suggested that retail sales in the run-up to the yuletide period are between two and three per cent higher than this time last year. Meanwhile, a third of consumers state that although their finances will be strained over the course of Christmas, they will still splash the cash. In turn, taking out a quick loan could be one way in which to reduce spending pressures.

Essentials of Negotiation – Be A Negotiation Specialist!

Some people make it look really easy – closing deals and winning great transactions without breaking sweat. But do you know that there are ways to become an expert on the essentials of negotiation and getting things done your way? The benefits of knowing the essentials of negotiation are endless!

You can score many opportunities, create better professional relationship with customers and ultimately enhance your career. Read on to discover the essentials of negotiation and reap the benefits…

1. Maintain a relaxed mood. Keep a friendly but emotionally resigned front. It helps to be patient. In the total length of time it takes to negotiate, decisions and compromises are met at the last remaining minutes of the discussion. Keep it cool.

2. Always have your focus in mind. No matter where the conversation leads to or how hard the other party tries to mislead you, jump back to the topic at hand and retain your focus. Though this seems so simple, it is actually considered one of the essentials of negotiation.

3. Be open to options. Hey, who says you’re supposed to get it all done on your own terms all the way? If it’s not possible, don’t just give in to the other person, ask for other options. Better yet, suggest some of your own. Do make sure though, that your suggestions are still within your negotiating capacity.

4. Point out both the “good” and the “bad”. Making good negotiations entail many different decisions. In order to make good decisions, all the sides of an idea should be clear and known by both parties. Be sure you mention the risks involved while you state the benefits. It won’t do your conscience any good if you won a deal by covering up some “cons” involved. The essentials of negotiation require you to be dedicated to your goal but also virtuous to avoid a possible backlash from unsatisfied clients.

Good negotiators are not born with negotiation skills; they have learned and polished such skills through time. Knowing the essentials of negotiation will not only get you through that deal, it will make you spell success through the greater opportunities of life!

Quality Presentation Ensures Law of Attraction

These days, it seems as though grammar, spelling and punctuation have gone the way of the 250 KB computer. With chat and text messaging, there’s hardly a need… right? Wrong!

As business people, it is imperative that you check and double-check ANYTHING you send out to promote your business. I can understand if you are doing a quick chat or text message with a friend. That’s private.

But in business, it’s all about credibility. You may be very good at what you do and you always want to put your best presentation forward. If you don’t take the time to present yourself well, you may leave doubt in the mind of a potential client.

Would you choose to do business with the limo that has a dent in the side and a few scratches? Or the shiny, new-looking one?

If you are looking for a surgeon, would you choose the one who wears an old plaid hunting shirt and dungarees with holes in the knees and has an office with beat-up furniture from the 1960′s? Or one who has clean office with modern furniture, wears dress slacks, a dress shirt and a white coat?

It is no different with your marketing pieces.

A poorly written email could cause the reader to hit the delete key before they are finished. A poorly written sales letter, or brochure, are certainly destined for the trash bin. And, let’s face it, no one has time for a poorly written website.

You can talk about the Law of Attraction all day long, say affirmations, meditate, etc, but if you are not presenting yourself in line with what you want to attract, it’s a bust.

If the technical side of writing is difficult for you, what can you do? It’s all well and good to find a friend to look over your latest writing, and if they are an exceptional writer, that may be sufficient. Otherwise you want to hire a professional editor.

An editor will go through your writing and make sure that you are getting your message across to your audience. They will check your grammar, punctuation and spelling to be sure everything is correct.

With a small item, it won’t cost you much, but will enhance your presentation and probably increase your response rate over time. If you are sending out frequent emails or marketing pieces, you may want to keep an editor on retainer. In other words, you pay them, up front, x amount of dollars for x amount of hours of work. That way they are available when you need them.

The little money you spend will be well worth it. You can feel confident that you are presenting your business, and yourself, in the best light possible and are attracting the quality clientele your seek for your business.