How To Obtain/Use Influence To Win More Negotiations

Do you consider the role influence has in your negotiations? Do you know how to use influence in your negotiations once you have obtained it? If you wish to improve your negotiation skills and outcomes, you’ll find the following insight about obtaining and using influence in your negotiations to be very insightful.

Influence Relating to Negotiations:

In a negotiation, the negotiator that casts the most influence will usually come out ahead in the negotiation. That’s due to the fact that influence allows a person to persuade another individual to follow and/or adopt his perspective and point of view. That leads the person possessing less influence to move in the direction of the influencer. The one variable in this scenario is the degree that the person with the lesser amount of influence is willing to be led by the influencer. Thus, when seeking to influence someone, consider to what degree they’re open to following your request, based on the insight and reasoning you give them to do so. If the lesser of the two is not willing to be led, your efforts to cast your influence will be unsuccessful.

Acquiring and Using Influence:

So now that you have a better perspective of the role influence has and plays in a negotiation, how can you acquire it? There are multiple ways to do so. I’ll discuss two of those ways.

One, cast the clout you’re perceived as having. This is done based on those that you’re around (e.g. if you’re in the company of high-profile people, one will assume you’re a high-profile person). If that’s important to the other negotiator and he wishes to obtain such status, you’ll have the trappings of influence needed to inspire him to follow your directions.

Two, you can gain influence by controlling the way the other negotiator thinks; this is not brainwashing. The way to do this is to force the other negotiator to question his current state of beliefs and have him confront them as to their validity. Then suggest how he can improve his plight by adopting a new belief, one that you lead him to. Once he relinquishes his current beliefs and adopts yours, you will have gained influence with him.

Enhancing Your Influence:

To enhance your usage of influence in a negotiation, enhance your ability to accurately interpret the opposing negotiator’s body language. To be specific, observe his verbal and nonverbal reactions to your attempts to influence him (i.e. him leaning towards or away from you indicating acceptance or non-acceptance of a thought or offer/counter offer, position of his hands up or down when he responds to such offers, etc.). By observing such nonverbal signals, you’ll gain insight into the degree your attempts to influence him is taking hold.

As you can see, influence can be obtained and used for the purpose you establish for the negotiation. By having and using influence, you’ll have an intrinsic advantage from which to make your offerings, which will enhance your efforts of coming out ahead in the negotiation… and everything will be right with the world.

Remember, you’re always negotiating!

Teleseminar Etiquette For Presenters

It’s a well-known “given” that once in a while, a caller to your teleseminars is going to bother everyone else on the call. It’s up to you to head these off at the pass in order to make your event enjoyable, educational and memorable for the right reasons.

You don’t want someone thinking, yeah, I went to his call, and he couldn’t control that jerk with the barking dog. This will cut down on your audience, most assuredly. You also don’t want your call-in group to feel left out if you allow one caller to monopolize you with only their own questions.

The presenter is the number one leader of the call. You need to be familiar with how the conferencing service works so you can utilize all of its features, as needed. You also need to be able to explain any features your callers might need to use.

Most notably, that would be how to mute out. Tell them at the start of the call how to mute themselves out, as well as how to get back in for questions later, if you plan to have a Q & A session.

The other thing you may need to do is a “mass mute out,” also called presentation mode, or lecture mode. This quiets everyone so you don’t have individual hecklers or beginners taking over.

It also prevents someone’s background noises from ruining the call. Of course, you need to be mindful of your own background issues as well. Sequester yourself in a quiet room if you are at home, put a do not disturb hanger on your door if you’re at a hotel, and keep a glass of water handy to wet your whistle as needed so you don’t sound like a frog.

If you are having any health issues, you might also want to keep some cough drops around to soothe your throat and prevent coughing, sneezing or a raspy voice. You will feel more comfortable, too.

It’s essential to learn how to use your conferencing service’s features. I have attended many calls where the presenter became flustered when something didn’t work. In many of those cases, knowing the codes or the service’s methods to do certain things, like start the recording feature, would have solved the problem quickly. Do a test call before the “official” call to familiarize yourself with these things.

The best way to start your call, whether it’s a teleseminar or a webinar, is to be sure everyone knows the drill: how to mute out, how to unmute, how to submit a question, and of course, all the call in details before you begin. Email your callers a detailed instruction sheet along with, or as part of, your cheat sheet, if you have one. And it’s a good idea to have one.

Also, it’s considered good form to be the first one to call in and the last one to hang up. It is somewhat common, but not polite, to call in late to a waiting and wondering crowd. You might be surprised to know what people say before you arrive if they have to wait too long!

At the end, if you’ve announced the call would be one hour, stick to it and say good bye. Remember, if this is a telephone event, your callers are on the hook for long distance charges. Some of them are attending your event because they want to learn how to make money online but may be broke already from trying everything out there.

Another consideration is the difference in time zones. Some folks may be across the planet and calling at 3 a.m. If they have to go to a job at 8 a.m., they need to get some sleep. Help everyone out by observing your own promises.

Some Christening Presents For a Baby Boy

Babies are like little angels. With their adorable gestures and babbling, they melt your heart within seconds. Thus, when searching Christening presents for them, don’t just pick the first one you come across. Take time out from your busy schedule to select a perfect gift for them. If you are searching for baby boy gifts, you will find several items available. But, when choosing a gift, try to select the one which is unique so that it does not match with others. We all know, its a bummer if your gift matches with someone else. Thus, here are some items which you can give him on his special day.

Christening ceremony is a very important occasion in a baby’s life as it is the day when he is welcomed into our world. Thus, your Christening presents should be able to convey this message. Among the various items available, personalised ones are very popular gifts for this occasion. This is because, in these items, you can inscribe some personal message to the newborn. You can also engrave his date of birth, time of birth, day of birth and son on. Thus, these baby boy gifts will also serve as wonderful items to commemorate this special day. From photo frames to mugs to blankets, you can personalize any item.

Traditionally, blue colored items are given to baby boys. This is one of the reasons, why, maximum baby boy gifts are blue in color. If you want to give him something which he will cherish even when he grows up, you can gift him keepsake items. One of the most popular is, ‘the first piggy bank’ along with tooth and curl box. These items are blue in color and will be definitely please the parents of the newborn. In the tooth box, the first tooth of the baby is stored. Thus, these items will be ideal Christening presents for a baby boy.

Apart from these, you can also give him jewelry as Christening presents. Some items which you can give him are a simple locket, rings, bangles, etc. If you are the god parent of the newborn, traditionally, you have to gift him silver items. But, there is no hard and fast rule that you have to follow this tradition. With the availability of several items, you can give him anything under the sun which you feel suitable. If you are planning to give clothes as baby boy gifts, make sure that the material is soft. This is a very important point to note because babies have very sensitive skin. If the material is rough, it may harm their soft skin.

Apart from these Christening presents, you can give him essential items like diapers, baby foods, etc. But, don’t just give these items. Wrap them up nicely in an attractive wrapping paper. Giving just diapers as gifts may not seem appropriate. Thus, create a diaper cake out of it. Among the various baby boy gifts, this is gaining huge popularity among gift-givers. If you are planning to give the baby necessary items like baby shampoo, lotions, etc, include them in a gift basket. This will give a very attractive look to your gift.